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Teaching Experience Summary:

Aircraft Structures TA (Fall, 2010)

Student Science Training Program (Summer, 2008)

EAS4200C, Aircraft Structures (TA for Dr. Raphael Haftka)

Torsion Lecture (9/17/2010)

Student Science Training Program (SSTP): “Aerospace, Mechanical and Materials Engineering”


The University of Florida Center for Precollegiate Education and Training (UF CPET; http://www.cpet.ufl.edu) is hosting a Student Science Training Program (SSTP) for talented 11th and 12th grade students summer 2008. This page supports my seminar on “Aerospace, Mechanical and Materials Engineering”.

Course Syllabus

This syllabus contains the basic structure of the course as well as contact information and grading policies.


After each class, students will be expected to respond to the material presented in class. These assignments are meant to facilitate exploration, not to be a gigantic burden. Each assignment should take less than an hour. If a student is leading the discussion for the next class, they are not required to make a post for that day. All others not preparing to lead discussion please select from one of the three assignments below. You must do at least one of each of the three types throughout the course of the seminar. Here are some example entries for a lecture about “ornithopters”.

  1. Find 5 informative websites related to the topic discussed. Write a brief post that includes links to each website and a sentence or two about why you thought each website was significant.
  2. Find a recent technical paper related to the topic discussed. Read through it and try to understand the basic significance of the paper. Write a post that includes a bibliographic entry followed by a summary (>75 words) of what was interesting to you or significant about the paper.
  3. Write a brief reaction (>125 words) to a topic discussed in class addressing ONE of the following four questions: (a) What did you find interesting about class today? (b) How could class have been taught better today? (c) How might you use what you learned today as an engineer or entrepreneur? (d) How does knowing what you learned today affect your daily life?

Assignment List, Paper to Read, Discussion Leader, and PowerPoint Access

Students may use this list as their daily “reminder”. Assignments A1-A10 are listed and are due on the day specified. Please read the assigned papers below before the class day specified. Discussion leaders are to lead on the day listed below. Powerpoint presentations will be uploaded here before class for download if desired.

June 19: Establish blog, no paper to read, Grad Students lead, PPT1
June 24: A1, How to Read an Engineering Research Paper, How to Survive Engineering School, Learning Styles Questionnaire (more info, basic paper, with OneNote), Doing Research, Leading Discussions, (More on Discussions: 2, 3) Grad Students lead, PPT2a, PPT2b
June 26: A2, Physics Tutorial Lesson 1, CAD Primer, Design and the Elastic Mind, Basic Design Info, Engineers of the Year, Max, Jackson, Luis lead, PPT3
July 1: A3, Control Demos, PID Introduction, Control in the Real World, Transfer Functions and Block Diagrams, Other Links, Brian F, Sarah, Tylor, Chris lead, PPT4
July 3 (off)
July 8: Rained out
July 10: A4, Overview, Material Selection, Ceramics, Polymers (Detailed, More), Metals, Composites (More, For Aerospace), Roshan, Josh, Harrison lead, PPT5
July 15: A5, Statics, Basics, Mechanics of Materials, Failure Analysis, Finite Element Anlaysis Intro (Great Detailed Intro, More) Max, Jackson, Luis lead, PPT6
July 17: A6, Robotics Historical, Industry, Serious Legos, Machine Vision Resources, Image Processing Etc., Computer Vision, 3D Reconstruction, Roshan, Josh, Harrison lead, PPT 7
July 17: A7, Programming Resources, Matlab Central, C Code, Brian F, Sarah, Tylor, Chris lead, PPT 9
July 22: A8, Aircraft Design, Aerospace Web, Design Textbook, Try it!, Sara, Halei, Brian J lead, PPT 8
July 24: A9, Numerical Recipes, Numerical Analysis, Complexity, Optimization, Systems Engineering, Sara, Halei, Brian J lead, PPT10
July 29: Globalization and Outsourcing, Globalization101, Grad Students lead, PPT11

Website List

All the students will be required to start their own blogs to document their experiences in the class. Here is a reference list of links to their blogs:

Luis Arias
Halei Benefield
Jackson Blankstein
Sara Comis
Brian Fishbein
Brian Johnson
Roshan Kalra
Max Lipman
Chris Marchini
Sarah Malkowski
Josh Morris
Harrison Sapper
Tylor Whitmer



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Cool Website man!!

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