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An Aeroservoelastic Flapping Flexible Wing Model August 2, 2010

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An aeroservoelastic flapping flexible wing model has been created from experimental data obtained at the University of Florida to support the ideal of reproducible research.  Please cite the paper below if you choose to use this model.

Love, R. and Lind, R. “Experimentally-Based Aeroservoelastic System Identification and Feedforward Control of Flexible Flapping Wings“, AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, 2010.

The model takes inputs of flapping amplitude and flapping frequency to produce a simulation of the aeroservoelastic flapping based on experimental results.  Download the zip file and run “WingModel.m” in Matlab.   Feel free to try your own inputs for flapping amplitude and flapping frequency (it is initially set for +/-35 degree amplitude and 20Hz)!  Please note that work is still in progress to model the exact flexible deformations.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues after you’ve tried to figure it out yourself.  Enjoy!

Update 8/26/2010: A newer, higher fidelity model which captures the wing flexibility has been formulated.  Look for this to be published in the near future!