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Overall Directory

I’m working on a directory of people who have any connection to FWMAVs/Ornithopters. A very rough initial version has been attached to the website via Box.net. If you work with FWMAVs, or know someone who does, leave a comment with their name and a link to confirm something they are doing and I will add them to “The Directory”.

The MURI Team:

Michigan Team: Announcement
Professors: Wei Shyy, Luis Bernal, Carlos Cesnik, Peretz Friedmann
Grad Students: Hikaru Aono, Pat TrizilaSatish Chimakurthi, Abhijit Gogulapati

Florida Team: MAVLab, Flight Controls Lab
Professors: Dr. Peter Ifju, Dr. Rick Lind, Dr. Larry Ukeiley, Dr. Roberto Albertani
Current Grad Students: Pin (Dic) Wu, Robert Love, Erik Sällström, Lunxu Xie
Current Undergraduates: Brad LaCroix (static wing properties testing, 09)

Past Grad Students: Bret Stanford (07-08), Scott Bowman (07)
Past Undergraduates: John Saxon (Capran identification, Labview design, 08), Chris Kennedy (wing builder, dynamics analysis, 07-08), Justin Maciak (onboard flapping video, 08), Greg Landers (onboard flapping video, 08), Ramon Lorenzo-Filho (onboard flapping video, 08), Alexis Schwartz (wing builder, 08), Andrew Simon (wing builder, mechanism design, 07-08), Jeremiah Henson (vacuum system setup, 08), Brian Systma (wing builder, 07), Aaron Knolt (mechanism design, 07)


MURI Announcement, AFOSR, Other Announcement

Industry Partnerships

In addition, to facilitate the development of control techniques for flapping wings, we have worked with colleagues at AVID LLC.  They are working more from a design perspective to develop dynamic models of a flapping wing system.

AVID LLC: Etan Karni
The University of Florida: Dr. Rick Lind, Robert Love


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