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If you are interested in Ornithopters and want to be a part of the team, we’re looking for help. If you are 10 or 99 you can still help out. I’m currently looking for contributors in the following areas:

Online Contributors: Waiting for YOU!

My hope is to build a linking tool that facilitates the development of ornithopters. Ornithopters present a complicated problem, so it will help us to be efficient if we can eliminate research overlap and take full advantage of everyone’s unique talents.

Most people these days keep many bookmarks and links to various types of information, however, this information is sparsely distributed. If we can build a tool that unifies much of the information online, we will have an incredibly rich resource for design of ornithopters. The main obstacle is just bringing people together.

At this point, I think that Twine offers the best platform for this type of resource. Add yourself to the group on Twine to help facilitate the linking process. Investigating some of the topics below could be of great help. I could not build such a great tool alone, so thanks for your help in advance!

General Information
Places to buy Ornithopters
People who fly Ornithopters
Press Releases about Ornithopter developments (specifically research advances)

More technical information:
Universities researching ornithopters (anywhere in the world)
Researchers or Groups of researchers investigating ornithopers
Mechanical designs for ornithoper mechanism
Sensors or actuators used on ornithopters
Control techniques for ornithopters
Papers about Ornithopters

Note: if you have papers which are not included on the Box.net account, please feel free to forward them on to me, or if you have an account, to share them that way. I will be updating the database periodically.

On-Site or Online Researchers

I am also always open to any students that are interested in being involved in the program to gain research experience and to get to interact with me. Currently I am supervising two undergrads that are helping build new membrane/carbon fiber wings and set up a camera system for vision-based estimation of the flight dynamics of a flapping wing system. I have also taught them the basics of finite element analysis. Basically, although I have nothing to pay you with, I make sure that everyone involved is able to participate in real research. Please contact me if you are interested in helping out (comment on this website or e-mail me directly). Don’t let geographic proximity be a limiting factor; the internet allows us to work well even from far off. We are always looking for eager researchers!



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