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Who am I?

Professional Overview:

I’m Robert Love.  I am currently a graduate student at the University of Florida working at Dr. Rick Lind’s Flight Control Lab.  My publication information is found in my C.V. below.


Curriculum Vitae

I’m on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter.  Please only add me on LinkedIN if you are a current or former colleague.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback you may have by leaving a comment or e-mailing ornithoptersresearch@gmail.com

Journal Publications

Conference Publications

Research and Career Highlights

University of Florida: Flight Control Lab (AFOSR MURI/UF Alumni Fellowship), Dr. Rick Lind

SigMatch_1_2_1_3_1_3 copy

Identification of Aeroservoelastic Models for Flapping Wings

Wavelet Analysis with Pattern Recognition for Various Signals (Flapping Deformations, Deflections, Ground Vibration Tests, Stock Prices, Music, Matlab/Python/Java)

Wavelet Transfer Functions (Magnitude and Phase Relationships for Time-Variant Systems)

Digital Image Correlation of Flapping Wings: Static Air and Wind Tunnel (Mechanism by Pin Wu)

Laser Doppler Vibrometer Testing of Carbon Fiber/Membrane Wings

Solar Ray: A Solar-Powered, Bio-Mimetic Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Onboard Video of Flapping Wing Ornithopter (Ifly Vamp with Larger Wings)

voxel coloring of victory (nike) statue
3D Modeling and Surface Reconstruction from a set of images with Voxel Coloring: Paper

Multiple Webcam-Based Image Capture System and Image Processing (Matlab/Java/Python): Matlab Code for Sequential Webcam Capture

Biomechanics Characterization (with Dr. Bryan Conrad at UF Sports Performance Center)

Online Community Manager (Hawthorne Reserve, UF-MAE Graduate Engineering Mentorship Program)

Auburn University: AIAA Design, Build, Fly Team, Dr. Gil Crouse

Aerospace Engineering Senior Design: Co-Led DBF Team Designing High Aspect Ratio Flying Wing, Design Report

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics: F-2 Program, Bradley Hatter

Production Line Support: Job Rotation throughout F-2 Program. Planning review of spar production: proposed process change capable of saving 6+ hours per composite front spar.  Tested dimensions of problematic fasteners, made useful map of wing locations and learned about aerospace/defense industry.

Auburn University: Adaptive Aerostructures Lab, Dr. Ron Barrett

Pitch Divergence Suppression of a Subscale Wing-in-Ground-Effect (WIG) Aircraft: Manufactured and tested WIG based on Graham Taylor’s Ekranoplan: Video, Presentation

Auburn Unversity: Materials Engineering Lab, Dr. William F. Gale

Joining of Ferritic Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys (DOE-INEEL): Performed sample manufacture, bonding and creep testing.

Transient  Liquid  Phase  Bonding  of  Sheet  TiAl  Alloys (NASA GRC): Image analysis of superalloy spreading on various substrates with ImagePro Analysis Software.  Developed and implemented novel measurement techniques (manual and automated).

Materials Support for Nuclear Electric Propulsion (NASA Glenn/Boeing-Rocketdyne): Compilation of superalloy property database, sample preparation, and high-temperature bonding and oxidation studies.

Munitions  Delivery  by  Integrated  Groups  of  Biomimetic  Underground Systems (AFRL): Background research comparing features of various fossorial organisms.

Materials Engineering Senior Design: the DECO System: Robot Capable of Operating in Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Environment (Budget<$500 for everything w/o VHP Sensor)

Episcopal High School

Botball 2002, KIPR Robotic Competition: novel ball capture approach helped propel our team to 1st place regionally and 4th place nationally: Video, Awards



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