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Starting an ornithopter community January 22, 2009

Posted by thelifeexamined in How to Use this Website, Introduction.

This blog has been great as an information accumulator, but it does not provide as much interaction as I’d like the ornithopter research community (i.e. YOU!) to be able to have.  In addition, trying to make it a community tool limits how much I can use it personally.  As a result I set up a social network for ornithopters research at Ning.

How Ornithopters.ning.com Can Help You

This network will be a place where people can get their questions answered, instantly find active researchers in the community, and find information relevant to their research.  It will jump start those new to researching ornithopters thereby helping the community as a whole.

Ning allows people to have their own profiles and link in their own pictures and videos, giving you an instant platform to share the major results of your research with those in the community (ie: those who really care!).  Please take a second to create a profile and start helping build the community by inviting friends and colleagues and posting information!

At Ning, I’ll make blog entries that are akin to “introductions” for given subject areas related to ornithopters.  If any of you would like to contribute an article at Ning or have suggestions for subject material please get in touch.

How Ornithopters.wordpress.com Can Help You

This blog will be refocused to share information I find relevant to the ornithopter community, the work going on at the University of Florida, my perspectives and background, as well as continuing to summarize some of the information resources.

I look forward to meeting you at Ning!



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